About Us

HEY! Amanda, here! Creator/Owner of Missery and Co., a now Independent Brand in the Boutique Industry! 

On the outside, looking in, Missery & Co, LLC carries Unique Styles Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories via Mobile Boutique & Website. As well as, offering a variety of Vintage Refinished Furniture and Home Decor that can be found at local Markets. Phew! Sounds like a LOT, huh!? 

On the inside, behind the scenes. Missery and Co. is a show owned and operated by, me, a single mama of 3, who got tired of working for someone else’s dream, and saw an opportunity while searching for new clothing that was STYLISH, comfortable, AND affordable, only to come up empty handed. So. I took my “I’ll just do it myself” attitude, and got to work.


WELCOME to Missery & Co.! 

You MAY have noticed by looking over the website, that Graphic Apparel is my JAM...  And ALL things vintage and retro are my vibe. I mean. What’s NOT to love about a piece of quality clothing that’s stylish, comfortable, versatile, AND affordable ALL IN ONE?! 

ALL Graphic Apparel is printed, packaged, and shipped by me, to you, with LOVE!

My goal with Missery & Co. is to offer quality and well designed merchandise that shows glimpses of my true self throughout, AND vibes with YOUR style, message, and meaning, whatEVER those may be! After all. STYLE is how we convey the message of WHO we are, to the world. 

Also designed/created in house are genuine leather earrings, refinished vintage furniture, wall art/signs, and drink ware items! 

When purchasing from Missery & Co. not ONLY are you purchasing a Brand of stylish, quality, and affordable products, that you’re guaranteed to LOVE. You’re supporting a hardworking mama and her family. And. For that. I truly cannot THANK YOU enough! 

Look for me all throughout the 4-States in 2021! My agenda is almost FULL already!!!